Wout Speyers

Wout Speyers studied Architecture and Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft, the Netherlands. At Neonis Industrial Design he discovered his love for furniture while working on the Personal Furniture System (PFS). In the USA he further specialized in casegoods and cabinetry. Once back in the Netherlands Wout started to work for the product development department of Pastoe, a famous hundred year old company. Pastoe specializes in cabinetry. He worked on realisation of the Maarten van Severen chairs and redesigned the low-board Frame. Since 2008 Wout has succesfully designed tables, chairs and sofas in his studio.

In 2019 a long-cherished dream came true when he started the education Artisanal Shoemaking at the René van den Berg Academy. Right after finishing his first shoe commissions followed for ladies and men’s shoes.

For Speyers its all about the sculptural quality, whether he designs a chair or makes a pair of shoes. The wealthy history of design is a source of inspiration. Constantly associating and combining existing forms, there is a new design in everything. Not ostentatious but clear cut, aware of the connection to the user. Things can always be better and smarter. He creates objects with imagination with a strong grasp on its core material. To the last detail, with a nod because there is a striking detail in every design.

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