Chie Mihara

A meet and greet in the Amsterdam store of Betsy Palmer.


A shoe can be… any plant that turns towards the sun! (Wood, leather and Swarovski crystal beads)

CORAL by A Shoe Can Be

Inspired by coral: about 5000 handmade leather beads in 400 colors and over 7500 Swarovski crystal beads!

Tomoko Mukaiyama – SHOES

A fascinating performance that mixes shoes, music and film.

MasterZjef, innovative shoes and fetish art by Zjef van Bezouw

Zjef van Bezouw introduces his work at an exhibition @ the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum.

Shoes or no Shoes – Part 2: Etnographic collection

William (Boy) Habraken collected the largest collection of tribal and ethnographical shoes in the world.

Shoes or No Shoes Part 1: Artist collection

Enjoy shoes/artworks by renowned artists like Joep van Lieshout, Corneille, Jan Fabre, Karel Prantl, Jennifer Bolande, Keith Farquhar and many others.

Helen Verin on Beth Levine

Helene Verin curated a great exhibition and presented her book on US shoe designer Beth Levine.

Hannah Bonjer

During an internship @ V&R Hannah helped develop the clog high heels.

Wopke Grobben

Poetry and shoes mix really fine when Wopke Grobben presented his shoes together with 14 poems by serveral poets.


‘aKabi’ is a work about the limits and possibilities created by the use of unconventional shoes, created by Aydin Teker.

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