The world is a natural product

Wout Speyers

It is one: vegetable tanned leather shoe + slipper, 2022.

Part of the winning collection of the ninth edition of Craft the Leather by Consorzio Verapelle.
An incentive to take leisure seriously. Entry for the René van den Berg Academy, NL.

Vast oceans, unchanging continents.
From afar on the surface not much to be seen.
Beneath the surface however, full of life.
Teeming with bugs, roots, fungi and millions of other organism,
creating a thin layer, ensuring our life on earth is possible.
It’s the layer we must protect and preserve.
That thin layer is like our subconsciousness.
It grinds and moves, it shakes and falls silent.
It is alive and like all life, it is vulnerable.
We know…. We know how fragile Earth is.
Albeit our knowledge that life is not a game, we continue disrespect
and overexploitation.
However… There is a place where respect has been part of everyday life.
In Tuscany artisans have been producing leather since the Middle
Vegetable tanned leather, without heavy metals and chemicals.
Naturally gentle and persistent.
It’s time to end the game with the earth and put the world on a

© Consorzio Verapelle

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