‘To Die For’ an art homage to fashion

The official art exhibition of the Berlin Fashion Week Showroom Days presents the artists and creators of dresses made of meat, fish (Hans Peter Adamski) and hooves (Iris Schieferstein) at Epicentro art, Berlin-Mitte.

In collaboration with the Fashion Week Showroom Days, Epicentro art open their new exhibition space in Berlin Mitte with the exhibition ‘To Die For’. Iris Schieferstein and Hans Peter Adamski pay tribute to fashion with a presentation of their latest work on the theme.

With the exhibition, ‘To Die For’, the sculptor Iris schieferstein and Painter Hans Peter Adamski, who has attained popularity as member of the ‘Junge Wilde’ status, grapple with fashion as an allegory for second skin. Both artists, fascinated by fashion and its expressive power, have made a bold mark with their work, attracting international attention.

Iris Schieferstein uses dead animals as the raw material for her artworks. Taking individual fragments of the carcasses, she assembles new objects ‘Fleischplastiken’ (flesh sculptures), so giving death a new visage. This interaction with the ambivalence of life and death is also transferred onto fashion by the artist. She creates high heels from horses hooves and pigeon heads or hats from preserved dog skin and pheasant plumage. Her works, which bizarre beauty attract not only admirers, have been exhibited worldwide.

No less provocative are the artful fashion analogies of Berlin based artist Hans Peter Adamski. Ahead of his time, in the early nineties he produced a meat dress for ‘The Stern’- an artistic gesture which created a media storm when picked up by Lady Gaga thirty years later. Likewise, Iris Schieferstein’s creations surface in the fashion world. Renowned fashion labels copied her revolver heels and Lady Gaga was so taken with the hoof shoes that her stylist commissioned a pair from the artist.

Imperative to the exhibition ‘To Die For’ is not only this fetishism but also the perishability of fashion.

Epicentro art
16th January 2013- 5th February 2013, Tue – Sat 12 – 6 pm.
Joachimstrasse 5, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

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