Rem D Koolhaas

Creative director and founder of United Nude. Rem D Koolhaas is a Dutch architect trained at the Technical University of Delft in Holland.

This story begins with a broken heart. Rem’s attempt to get the girl back was made by downsizing architecture to its smallest and most vulnerable scale, that of a woman’s foot. While most romantic notions are often foolish, what was hatched trough the inspiration of romance was the ‘Möbius’ shoe. The girl was gone, but he knew the shoe had to become real.

Now we add Galahad to this story. The seventh generation of the Clark’s shoe making dynasty. When Rem and Galahad first met, Galahad saw the Möbius shoe design and he was instantly convinced that a new brand had to be formed. Joined together, Rem and Galahad created United Nude. The name derived from the fact that products evolve from international teams in an open way with direct recognition. United Nude launched in 2003 with the ‘Möbius’ shoe. Since then, United Nude has established itself as an iconic brand at the intersection between design and fashion.

United Nude products are about clear concepts, elegance and innovation.

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