United Nude
Rem D Koolhaas

Part of the ZONAL exhibition. Taking inspiration from the vedic chakras these designs for one of the seven zones, starting in the human body and extend it to the world. Each designer designed a product that corresponds to that zone. The design results will from then on be shown at the next wanted design show in New York City from May 16-19, 2014. The zones are: Foundation, Locomotion, Creation, Core, Heart, Head and Dream.

Playing with scale has always been a trigger for Rem D. Koolhaas’s. In fact, scaling down from the larger architectural scale of buildings, to the more vulnerable architectural scale of shoes, formed the foundation of United Nude. Matthew Waldman’s Zonal Project was the perfect opportunity to go back to the roots of United Nude, where again the question could be raised: When is a shoe a shoe? HIGHRISE SHOES do not appear to be a shoe at first, but yet resembles a 1:500 scale model of a building even including scale figures, or from the other perspective its wearer becomes a giant scale 500 :1.

The HIGHRISE SHOES are fully 3D printed by laser sintering in 2 parts: a structural hard part under foot for stability and a soft rubber part over the foot for comfort.

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