Kristina Walsh

Performing Sculpture. Kristina Walsh explores how design can enhance the human experience.

Working at the intersection of art and design, she aims to impact human behavior by cultivating new relationships with one’s self and others and initiating discussion surrounding social and cultural perspectives of the body. Creating products, accessories, prosthetic limbs, and installations, Kristina’s work is underpinned with rigorous research into psychology and social theories, and characterized by sensual forms and an otherworldly aesthetic. Through engineering new experiences, her work calls for emotional introspection and bodily exploration. Kristina often collaborates with cross-disciplinary creatives and global institutions to challenge and inspire new ways of working.

After completing Bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Art History in the USA, Kristina expanded her interest in the connection between the mind and design at the London College of Fashion (UK). Her award-winning MA Footwear collection bridged the footwear and prosthetics industries, and introduced the cross-disciplinary approach she takes in creating work across the arts and sciences.

Kristina’s industry work as an accessories and product designer ranges from design, through to product development and production management for designers such as Georgina Goodman, Fischer Voyage, Nicholas Kirkwood, and John Alexander Skelton.

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