Kristina Walsh x Sarah, 2020.

This sculpture was made for the Shoes Have Names exhibition in collaboration with Jo Cope and Shelter UK which uses the power of craft to bring awareness to the individuals who face homelessness and eviction each day.

‘Good Follows Good, Hope Follows Hope’ -cast in Jesmonite.

Inspired by the importance of optimism and the power of kindness, this footwear-based artwork responds to a conversation had with Sarah and her belief that, ‘If you do good, good will follow’. Shortened phrases inspired by Sarah’s words spiral over two imprints of feet, which symbolize how powerful the positive impressions we leave behind can be on others.

Together the text and carved feet beneath serve as a reminder that even in the most unlikely circumstances, goodness and hope survive.

A ‘home’ is often associated with places, objects, and memories, but ‘home’, as I had discussed with Sarah, is also a place within ourselves – somewhere we are always present – that encompasses our feelings and our personal state of mind.

Photo by Dan Lowe.

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