Golden Elegance Cinderella

Kerli Valter

Handcrafted vegetable-tanned leather stilettos, decorated with thin leather fringes, part of the ‘a Day in Tuscany’ collection, 2023.

Stilettos with golden steps transport the user to Wonderland. Wondering about the other shoe, the prince, and long golden curly strands, wondering if somebody will step on it. It’s common to wonder about everything but important not to forget to dream big.

Valter: ‘My shoe collection inspired by my stay in Tuscany, full of sensational surprises when you live in the moment, embracing the day’s every kind of surprise and believing in miracles. Much like crafting, where the imperfections contribute to the uniqueness of each piece, our expectations in our daily lives don’t always turn out as we expect. In both realms, it’s the individual moments and outcomes that stand out as truly unique.’

Part of Craft the Leather, a yearly invitation to talented students and tutors from the most prestigious and innovative international fashion and design institutes to participate in an experiential training workshop.

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