Melissa Shoes

Zaha Hadid

In collaboration with Melissa, 2008.

This project expanded Zaha Hadid’s portfolio to the field of fashion, creating an exciting opportunity to express spatial ideas in a different scale and through different media. For the first time Melissa is collaborating with an architect opening a new research topic, diversifying its repertoire.The design engages with the fluid organic contours of the body. The shoes asymmetric quality conveys an inherent sense of movement to the design, evoking continuous transformation. The concept addresses the perception of wearing the shoe in motion rather than a static display on a shopping window.

The shoes emerge from the ground and climb up the foot and leg with a soft elegant movement. The plastic organic quality of the choreography adheres to the skin. There is an implicit sense of lightness that blurs the boundary between body and object. Advanced computational modeling allowed us to develop the product and establish a dialogue with Melissa in order to bring the design to the production line. This challenging process employed 3D printing and rapid prototyping techniques as key tools for refining the ergonomics of the shoes. The fluidity of the design was a perfect match with Melissa’s plastic injection mould technology, generating great synergy between the teams.

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