Wind Bell

Yuzhao Huang

Style 03. Part of the Master degree final collection ‘The Spomeniks’, 2021.

Inspired by 14 Spomeniks (Yugoslav World War II) monuments and memorials build between 1945 and 1991 in the Balkan.

A Wind bell, also known as an aeolian bell, is one of my favourite homeware décor pieces. Translating the wind bell in high heel language, the bone structure which holds the instruments can be regard-ed as the shank, the part that sup-ports the arch and keeps the heels in shape. The instrument then becomes the detachable platform and block heel connected with the shank by cords. With the shank tilted, shift the two ends towards the ground, plat-forms and heels drop out and hang on the bone structure. To achieve the transition movement from a pair of abstract high heel sculpture to a pair of wind bells, a special mechanism needs to be engineered.

Photo’s by Shin Miura.

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