Yuzhao Huang

Style 05, Tumbler, the Shape of Circle, DABEIYUZHOU, Bonsai & Compact Umbrella. Part of the Master degree final collection ‘The Spomeniks’, 2021.

Inspired by 14 Spomeniks (Yugoslav World War II) monuments and memorials build between 1945 and 1991 in the Balkan.

A Tumbler is a popular profile that can be found from roly-poly toy to rocking horse, baby bouncer to rocking chair. The in-situ movement makes the tum-bler a good décor piece on the book-shelf or the side table.
The shape of the circle can be spot-ted on many Spomeniks I visited. Seen as the perfect shape since ancient Greece, the circle is related to fulfillment in many cultures. For the last design of the collection, I’d like to draw a full stop as an ending.

Photo’s by Shin Miura.

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