Tensegrity Sculpture & Rubik’s Twist

Yuzhao Huang

Style 02. Part of the Master degree final collection ‘The Spomeniks’, 2021.

Inspired by 14 Spomeniks (Yugoslav World War II) monuments and memorials build between 1945 and 1991 in the Balkan.

The sculpture consists of two parts, left and right shoes automatically fit in their positions in the structure.
Howev-er, to achieve the balance under the structural principle, shape changes are required. And the most efficient way of changing shapes, following the research of the Rubik’s Cube, is twisting.
Rubik’s launched a new puzzle in 1983 called The Snake after the orig-inal Rubik’s Cube hit the world with great success. The new puzzle im-mediately became another success, which sold several million units world-wide. The twisting experience of the puzzle is pleasing and satisfying.
Adopting The twisting mechanism in ‘The Snake’ left and right shoes can be transformed into two abstract objects that seem meaningless. How-ever, once connected in a specific way with chains and become a whole structure, the sculpture unveils its magic.

Instead of using three different chains as connections, the element of shoe-lace is brought into the structure. Us-ing one continuous cord, the coherent movement of connecting two parts is just like lacing up a high heel.

Photo’s by Shin Miura.

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