Rubik’s Cube

Yuzhao Huang

Style 01. Part of the Master degree final collection ‘The Spomeniks’, 2021.

Inspired by 14 Spomeniks (Yugoslav World War II) monuments and memorials build between 1945 and 1991 in the Balkan.

A 2x2x2 Rubik’s Cube is intergrated with a wedge heel shape that merges left and right shoes together. Unexpected shapes will appear each time after twisting the décor piece, until the puzzle is solved.

Project: How can footwear function in the homeware market as fashion brand’s products?
Twisting actions transfers the puzzle from a high heel shape to different ab-stract sculptures and back to the high heel shape in a circle. The very first twist starting the puzzle and the last one solving the puzzle is the transition movement, while as many movements as the player wants can be made changing the puzzle into unexpected shapes. Although high heels come in mirror-symmetrical pairs, this doesn’t suit a Rubik’s Cube as a home-ware product. To preserve the high heel’s right-and-left language, also as a compliment to Rubik’s Cube’s symmetrical square shape, a pair of square toe wedge shapes are merged into one and connected by their arch.

Material: black walnut wood, gold electroplated aluminium and a leather strap.

Photo’s by Shin Miura.

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