Abstract Relief, Bookend & Folding Chair

Yuzhao Huang

Style 04. Part of the Master degree final collection ‘The Spomeniks’, 2021.

Inspired by 14 Spomeniks (Yugoslav World War II) monuments and memorials build between 1945 and 1991 in the Balkan.

When researching Brutalist architects, one of the facades of the Concert Pal-ace in Dushanbe in Tajikistan caught my eyes, which Chaubin (2017) de-scribes as ‘a visual metaphor for rhythm’. A bookend is another popular decora-tion product in the homeware market. The principle of a bookend only con-tains two requirements – weight and a vertical flat surface, which leaves designers plenty of space for their imagination. Often coming in pairs, bookend and high heel share the same basic form. Searching ‘high heel bookend’ on the internet, a lot of people actually are using high heels directly as two book-ends.

Photo’s by Shin Miura.

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