Yuxi Sun

Beech woord and leather sandal with metal heel and leather/metal leg straps, part of the LCF graduation collection ‘Rewilding’, 2023.

Humanity’s shift towards capitalism, science, and technology has resulted in the decline and extinction of many cultures that were closely connected to nature. As a consequence, we have become preoccupied with the accumulation of material possessions and have come to view ourselves as separate from the natural world.
This detachment has led to the construction of a society that disregards the laws of nature, leading to the eradication of species that are deemed unfit for our purposes. In our attempts to control and domesticate ourselves, we have lost touch with our innate animal instincts and ignored the messages our bodies receive from the natural world. This disconnection from nature has been shown to have adverse effects on the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, and the environment at large. To address this issue, this project involves the creation of shoes that mimic animal postures and behaviours, facilitating a process of spiritual rewilding and reconnection with nature.

Photographs by Ryan/Shanshan Yang

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