Yoske Nishiumi

Yoske Nishiumi

'Koi' in japnese has a number of diverse meanings: 'falling in love', 'come here','ancient way', 'intensive', 'with purpose' and … 'carp'. fittingly it's also the name of the ongoing projects from yoske nishiumi.

The über cool creative movement 'koi klub' boasts a collection of work, which includes art pieces, sneaker designs, a magazine and a free monthly club-night – from which the iniative began.

After working at an american company in Tokyo for 8 years (to be more specific, selling shaving razors!), I left japan to travel for a while, which eventually brought me to berlin in 2000, where I have stayed since. for me Berlin is an amazing city where you define people not by where they live or the company they work for, but by who they are as a person – the music they listen to, food they eat and other interests… I have a strong feeling that this is the the biggest influence on my work.

Projects in collaboration with Zen Yoshimoto and Julia Boettcher of Koi Klub in Berlin.

Yoske Nishiumi
西海 洋介
Rosenthaler str.11
10119 Berlin
T: 49 (0)30 2062 3822
F: 49 (0)30 2062 3822

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