Yoni Alter

Yoni Alter is a London based designer and artist. MA G.Design LCC.

With bursting colours he integrates between the artistic and the commercial, between the graphic and the artistic, between the figurative and the abstract and between form and space. Alter studied art and design in Jerusalem before completing him MA Graphic Design at University of the arts London and has since called London ‘home,’ constantly using the city as a source of inspiration. Indeed, Yoni’s debut London show at Kemistry Gallery was motivated by the city’s urban landscapes and architecture. Yoni’s colourful depictions of London architecture, simplified and to a degree abstracted are very seductive and seem to sum up the creative vibe of this amazing city. Yoni created the art for a piece of break-through branding for London’s TV Channel. He’s also behind a best-selling merchandise range for Tate. His art can also be seen covering double decker buses, on a 25m long banner in Shoreditch and in the acclaimed ‘100 Years of Graphic Design’ exhibition.

By Yoni Alter

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