Ying Ou

Part of the LCF graduation collection, consisting of six pairs of shoes, 2023.This collection comes out of Ying’s fear and unease about the loss of physical human contact in public space in this era, leading to a rigidity of self-consciousness. As the development of digital technology and the repeated ravages of the epidemic have exacerbated the disconnection between the body and the physical world, new fields of perception have affected our social systems and habits and have changed the way we perceive the world, which are key elements in the construction of self-identity.

This collection explores the unconscious and unusual interaction between the most obvious objects that have lost their connection in public space – railings or handrails – and the body, experiencing their different mental space sensations. In doing so, it explores new forms of footwear and attempts to evoke human communication and perception with objects in public space and to consider their intimate relationship with each other. And looking for breakthroughs in metal, two-tone leather and 3D printing.

Photograph by Anson Shen.

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