Visitors and Natives, the shoes and talents of tomorrow

An exhibition organised by the Footwear Museum of Vigevano in Italy entirely dedicated to the presentation of young talented stylists, chosen from all countries and from the most prestigious international schools of fashion and design. This is an on going project which is planned to be repeated annually.

It is to coincide with MICAM. So for the press, manufacturers and buyers it will become an unmissable opportunity to discover avant garde trends and new creative collaborations and for the young designers, an effective and relevant springboard.

The title of the exhibition ‘Visitors and Natives – the Shoes and Talents of Tomorrow’ is an homage to MICAM where for some years now the ‘visitors’ section, which showcases young international brands, is the place to see.

The location of ‘Visitors and Natives’ at Vigevano is of great symbolic value, because although many of the thousands of factories present in 1959 are no longer operative, the city represents to this day the cradle and the history of Italian Footwear. Here the first Italian shoe industry was born, here the first Italian Shoe Fair was established and again in Vigevano in 1953 the stiletto heel was invented, which the Museo della Calzatura – founded in 1970 with the donation of the Bertolini family – celebrated with a greatly successful exhibition in 2008.

This unique treasury of expertise and history is of inestimable value, which has given rise to the candidacy of Vigevano in 2015 as Universal City of Footwear Culture.

The designers on show are fifty, twentyeight of whom, the ‘Visitors’, come from all parts of the world, and also the twenty two Italian ‘Natives’ have their different origins and stories. Many are already known as freelancers with their own collections, but their talent predicts a growing success, others with tenacity and talent are starting a career path to encourage.

Vigevano, Sforzesco Castle Ducal stables
Saturday, September 14th, 2013 – 6 pm
For information and opening hours: Vigevano

Photo by Tom ten Seldam: Renaissance of the Abundance by Vera Meijwaard