Vicente Rey

Vicente Rey (1969-2023)

Rey, native from Galicia, studied in Barcelona and moved to Paris where he developed his shoes expertise thanks to his training with shoemaker Aris.

He created shoes that are as subtle and delicate as heartbreaking. They are born from the constant research of materials, forms, volumes and balance, carried out by the creator always willing to experiment. Impossible heels, spectacular feathers, wrought iron or complex drapes and lace that adapt as if they were part of the body.

After years of exhibiting his work at MIDEC and Première Classe, he opened a boutique-atelier in the fourth district of Paris, France. Since 2010 he run an atelier in Barcelona, Spain. The artisan creation of customised shoes, for both man and woman for an international clientele.

Winner of the ANDAM Fashion Award in 2003 and the Paris Capitale de la Création in 2005.

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