L’EDGE shoes for Legendary Men

L’EDGE is a Belgium based footwear label for men, established in 2020 by shoe designers Marlou Browaeys, Dempsey Pauwels and Lise De Smet.

L’EDGE shoes redefine the age old boring black and brown dress shoe – by adding a modern twist, new technologies, innovative lines and a splash of color. Men want to spice up their look! Our brand embodies the freedom of choice and expression. L’EDGE will always be about color, comfort and you. When you walk into a men’s shoe store, you see the same styles – brogue, oxford or derby – and the same colors – brown, blue or black. Dark colors and classic patterning are what you typically find on yesterday’s market. And while women seem to have endless options in footwear men are limited in their choice. To all the men out there: you should be able to express yourself through your shoes, when wearing a suit, chino or jeans.

Apart from our innovative designs, comfort and convenience are key – our in-house podiatrist and orthopedic shoe technician Lise takes care of your feet. Together with Dempsey, a graduate in law and business management, and Marlou, an architect with a PR background, they make up a complementary team. They met while studying footwear design at SASK, d’Academie Beeld in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. And they immediately clicked, to create a strong creative triangle.

L’EDGE’s ambition is to empower men by designing shoes in surprising styles and color combinations. L’EDGE is committed to boosting men’s self-confidence and inspiring them to jazz up their appearance by wearing the right shoes.

They say women can conquer the world in the right shoes, so why would that be any different for men?

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More abour these 3 award winning Belgian designers
Our in-house architect, Marlou Browaeys, is a thoroughbred shoe designer and comes from a bloodline of shoemakers. After studying architecture, she followed in her great-grandfather’s footsteps by making award winning shoes. She won gold at the global footwear awards. Besides being a creative designer, Marlou is a real people’s person and will be head of sales and public relations.

On the business end, Dempsey Pauwels, is a law and business management graduate. He has experience leading teams and building a strong core foundation where efficiency is key. His objective is to get men out of their comfort zone and is known for his ‘can do’ attitude.

Our technical expert, Lise De Smet, is a podiatrist and orthopedic shoe technician. She has experience with all kinds of feet and shoes. As head of production, comfort is the most important aspect for Lise.

Shoe product images by Charlotte Visser.