2021 Dutch Design Week – Shoes for self-confident dreamers

Yulia Zelenina (designer and shoemaker), owner of the brand ‘Luck in Look’ is designer comfortable tailor-made shoes from exclusive upcycling materials. Every pair of shoes is unique. The shoes are made in The Netherlands.

Zelenina: ‘As a designer, I spent time looking for a solution on how to combine design, comfort & upcycling materials. Thus, I create shoes for women who dream to be stylish and comfortable without compromising on quality. In addition, I use exclusive materials from previous collections of interior stores.

I connect two things that usually contradict each other, design & comfort. ‘Luck in Look’ is a new product that is customized from scratch. I strongly believe in the mindfulness of a new generation and appreciation of craftsmanship & an eco-friendly way of production. ‘Where can I buy stylish & comfortable shoes from nature-friendly materials?’. ‘Women need to choose between style or comfort’. ‘We have beautifully designed shoes but we need to take them off after a while’ or ‘We have comfortable shoes that are not really flattering’. ‘Luck in Look’ is comfortable designer hand-made shoes. I design and make shoes for women and men.My customers can buy ready-to-wear shoes on the site. In addition, they can order a pair of unique shoes with customized designs, I offer different ideas for their shoes to make them feel special. Also, I measure their feet, develop the last and make a pair of beautiful shoes specifically for every person. My clients keep saying that Luck in Look shoes fit like a glove.’

Part of the 2021 Dutch Design Week (DDW)
2600 designers, 120 different locations and more than 355,000 visitors. Discover DDW 2021 with unique exhibitions, lectures, network events and festivities.
16 -24 October 2021
Eindhoven, NL.

Lyd Studio (Centre area/DDW Map No. C5)
Nieuwe Emmasingel 28
Open 09:30 – 18:00
Access: free

Demo of shoe making process by Yulia Zelenina
Thursday 21 October: 13:00 – 18:00

More information about Yulia Zelenina/Luck in Look
T +31 6 11843587

Luck in Look is based in The Hague.
[email protected]