The Flying DutchJan

Ton van der Spruit

Mixed media sculpture, 2017.

Part of Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures, original ‘red shoe’ by Jan Jansen (2005).

A sculpture of a characteristically red Jan Jansen shoe housing a sensor which puts the sculpture in the spotlight and activates propellers made of feathers. Dutch architect Van der Spruit and Jan Jansen have known each other since the 1970s. Van der Spruit: ‘Jan was so often abroad in those days that we used to call him The Flying DutchJan.’ When Ton van der Spruit saw the shoe by Jan he was going to work with, he immediately had to think about Jansen ‘flying all over the world’, catapulting himself into the spotlight in all the right places. He took that inspiration, added it to the nickname and set to work.

Material: vintage red shoe, feathers, batteries and light.

Dimensions: 70 x 28 x 23 cm

© Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures, photo Charlotte Visser.

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