Today on Valentine’s Day, we launch our Virtual Shoe Museum 2.0!

Valentine’s Day is about love, this website is about the love for shoes. Today’s selection: Valentine. And welcome to the renewed and expanded version 2.0 of the museum. It’s exactly seven years (no itch here), since we started the Virtual Shoe Museum. Friendships developed and our mailbox filled with loads of material on fantastic shoes, art and design on shoes. Since the start we hosted nearly 2 million visitors.

The core of our virtual collection focuses on designs that question the very essence of the shoe: ‘Is this a shoe? ‘Is this wearable?’ ‘Does it matter? Is it tickling your imagination? Designs that balance between these values and still present a shoe that can be worn or looks as if it could be worn, are what we’re after: a twist, a sense of humor.

This new website will provide more shoe, art and design information by our blog. The layout and navigation have been updated and social media have been integrated. Visitors are now able to store their favourites and in the coming months we will open a
museum shop.

When you have new shoe designs, questions or suggestions in response to our new website please tell us, [email protected].

Get inspired! Liza Snook