Pixel Shoe

Tidhar Zagagi

Sneaker with intricately knitted 3D components textile upper on a Polyurethane foam moulded sole, 2023.

This design in co-operation with textile designer Suzanne Oude Hengel embodies a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

The upper textile features intricately knitted 3D components, meticulously assembled using the Strobel sewing machine. The sole of the shoe is a showcase of the capabilities of computational sculpting techniques. Utilizing digital tools, a negative mold was designed and 3D printed. Polyurethane foam was then carefully poured into the mold, seamlessly integrating with the upper to form the final product. This direct molding process highlights the myriad possibilities arising from the fusion of computational design with traditional craftsmanship. Together, this collaboration epitomizes the boundless creative freedom that arises when technology and craft intersect.

© Tidhar Zagagi.

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