Terrific Fashion

A new Italian fashion book about extreme ‘Terrific Fashion’ by publisher 24 Ore Cultura, composed by editor Cristina Morozzi. A colorful and wide variety of spectaculair and amazing clothing and inspiring accessories. Where the shoes selection was amply, inspired and curated from the Virtual Shoe Museum collection.

Fashion is unstable and voracious. Millstone seasonal trends, revealing a creativity free and uninhibited. Just browse through his history to find examples of this bright recklessness: the surreal Elsa Schiaparelli, friend of Salvador Dalí, Miuccia Prada, Alexander McQueen, creator of spare unsurpassed virtuosity, between the nostalgic and the macabre. After living the revolutions in the second half of the century last – the miniskirt Mary Quant, the ascetic minimalism of the new wave, drift rock and punk – the fashion runway today sends all moods imaginable: futurism and nostalgia, transgressions and etiquette, localism ethnic and international standards.

Uniforms became fun and more nuanced. The dress is, and always will be, the most visible and the most popular item, because it embraces all social classes. Yet even in this variety, magmatic and libertarian, you can find manifestations of deviant, of creativity. Loners who succeed, despite as part of a continual amazement (mission primary fashion that must, always and in any case, be glamorous), to be surprising, daring all possible drifts and feeding of inspirations that come from other areas: art, anatomy, from botany to architecture…

About the author
Cristina Morozzi is a journalist, critic and art director walking a tightrope between art, fashion and design. For 9 years (1987-1996) she directed the design magazine Modo. Contributor to design newspapers and magazines, such as Interni and MFL, she is also the author of several books, some of which were published by 24 Ore Cultura in 2011 and 2014: these include ‘Terrific design’ on the ‘design of wonder’ concept, as well as other works dedicated to Konstatin Grcic and Philippe Strack.

Publisher 24 Ore Cultura
ISBN 9788866482840

Publication date: November 2015
Price: €45,00
Extent: 240 pp
Size: 23 x 31 cm
Illustrations: over 300 illustrations

Shoe ‘Bird-witched’ by Masaya Kushino.