Gold is a girls best friend

Ted Noten

Necklage, shoe in 10 pieces, 2017.

Part of Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures, original gold leather shoe ‘Mata Hari’ by Jan Jansen for Fong Leng (2012).

The work of artist Ted Noten is very hard to label: is it art? Design? Craftsmanship? The only label that fits his work is the label that reads ‘Ted Noten’. Noten has earned fame for his bags and jewellery, in which he employs a broad range of objects which he has multiplied, using casts. Used objects are less commonly found or seen – cocaine, a dead mouse wearing a tiny necklace, guns and gold rings. Ted Noten’s aim is to make his work function both as a criticism of society and as a reminder of the history of product design – more specifically, the history of jewellery design. In his work, he responds to themes such as violence, greed and love. His designs are marked by humour, irony and small innovations. Its strength lies in removing iconic symbols from their usual environment and placing them in new contexts. He radically changes the perception of an object. He searches for an object’s essence, isolates it and puts the spotlight on it – influenced by symbolic values.

Material: vintage shoe, magnets and golden chain links.
Dimensions 30 x 50 cm.

Photo by Bouwe Jan Swart.

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