Ted Noten Artist of the year 2012

After an exciting race, the winner of the election Artist of the Year 2012 was chosen. New Artist of the Year 2012 is Ted Noten.

Ted Noten was trained as a jewelry designer at the Art Academies in Maastricht and Amsterdam. He gained fame with his jewelry and handbags with various embedded objects in acrylic blocks. Like a pinch of cocaine, precious rings, a dead mouse with a tiny pearl necklace and real guns. This transparent plastic is as indispensable as an invisible part of his high-profile designs. Regularly his work leads to commotion. He created a tiara for Prinsess Maxima as protection against rioters. Objects from Ted Notens hands get a totally different and new function or meaning. Ted Noten regularly gains international success with his work. The Virtual Shoe Museum shows his various shoe works.