Wings variations 01

Tea Petrovic

Part of the ‘Wings variations’ collection, 2011.

Based on the designs of the greatly influential Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and the works of the late Russian Constructivist sculptor Naum Gabo. Petrovic quotes another fashion designer, Bernard Figueroa once said: ‘There is so much space between a woman’s heel and the floor that one can use, and that is exactly what I tried to accomplish… using this space as much as possible.’

Discarding the fashion designer’s usual considerations of function and comfort, Petrovic focuses instead on the shoe as a pure geometric form. She chose Gabo and Calatrava for their focus on figures “inspired mostly by nature, space, geometric shapes, and mathematical principles”.
 The heel, specifically, is Petrovic’s focal point.

© Tea Petrovic

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