Wave shoe

Sveta Kletina

Part of the collection Reveal Raw, 2013.

Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, shoes that are imprinted with signs of life – Hammer strikes, nail prints, abrasions and cracked skin, elements that are always hidden within, exposed in this collection. Those shoes are made for women,and it is very symbolic for me. Our struggle as women to always cover up our natural look, with make-up, plastic surgery etc. and for what? Why? We are truly loved when we are exposed, we are beautiful just the way we are.

To make those shoes I developed untraditional technique for shoemaking, ‘Inside Out’, that allows me to re-use vegetable-tanned leather as a new solution for recycling leather. All shoes are 100% handmade by me, just like in old days.

This handmade shoes by their structure are static and solid object. My aim was to create visual movements through the cut by building upper pattern as rolls that one roll flow to another. In the same time they repeat the line texture in reinforces details in front and in the heel.

Material: Dark brown calfskin upper, molded vegetable tanned leather upper, beige goatskin lining, leather sole and insole, 7.5 cm leather covered heel 3/4 hidden behind the leather shell.

© Sveta Kletina

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