This one-of-a kind work represents ‘Atlas’ will sustain and keep his sweetheart until they are both powders. Desperation and hope, 2023.

The power and beauty of unconditional love are embodied in this magnificent sculpture. It demonstrates how, no matter what, one person is always there for the other. It could represent the relationship between two people as well as the relationship between parents and their children. The hero in this piece bears the burden of a profound and all-encompassing love, which he freely gives in exchange for closeness. While he pours his heart and soul into the relationship, his partner appears to take everything for granted. Sveta Kletina applied her shoemaking experience to create this artwork. The sculpture’s components were pre-cut and molded using chemical liquid.

Materials: molded non-woven chemical shoemaking canvas, brush painted with alcohol based leather dye.

Measurements: 35 x 43 x 19 cm.

© Sveta Kletina.

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