Czech Bootleg

Sruli Recht

The first Collection of Sruli Recht shoes for the year 2008.

Quilted boot with cuff
Type: shin high boot
Compositions: kangaroo
Heel: angled raw leather cuban
Colour way: entirely rust
Gender: homme

Having taken a wrong turn I found myself entirely surrounded by nothing at all. Thus, I kicked the dirt shooting dust across a crooked bleak horizon… It was then that my head was shot with blood filled light and I fell forward… through the cloud of dried mud I´d just created, and onto that hard cracked ground.
The quilted upper leg of the shoe is turned to the outside and dropped over the foot, reshaping the standard ranch familiarity for smoother conflict and harder derailment.

Preferred Conditions: Dirt

These are Icelandic designed shoes of sruli recht, hand-lasted and numbered one by one by the master shoe maker workshop of Brendan Dwyer, entirely leather, entirely deadly.

Theme of the Collection 2008.
'I have walked, blindfolded on the splintered plank to death in your sea. Commanded the infantry of the Qualities war through rivers of blood to tired slow victory. Climbed the balcony to my Egyptians lair of blurred fantasy and stole her heart, infinitely. Each footsteps of fortune as we march under this sun into Venus ‘s orbit and deep deep intimate dusk. Sons of Eros and Brothers of Mercury, follow your heart and walk with me.'

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