Snežana Golubović

An installation-performance by Snežana Golubović

LOVE STEPS was showed for the first time in the frame of the I.P.G. Project ‘Erotic Body’ at the Biennale di Venezia.’The history of shoes is a story about the ancient search for the female beauty ideal. Also shown at the DLM Ledermuseum Offenbach, Germany 2009.

It is a story about love, passion and obsession.
Aside from their practical use, shoes have many symbolic meanings, most of them connected with life, love and sexuality.
Shoes could be a desire, personification of missing love.
Shoes could be a ‘girl’s best friend’.
Shoes follow us with every step.
They walk, run, suffer, hurt, get wet, get scratched, get muddy, and get old….
Every pair of shoes has its own history. And their history is a part of our biography.’

Photo: Sarah Pittroff, Seweryn Zelazny (close-up)

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