SLEM organizes two new revolutionary footwear conferences

SLEM organizes two revolutionary international footwear conferences on December 10 & 11, both taking place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. These ‘SLEMinars’ are organized together with Jakajima – matchmaker for innovators – and will feature internationally renowned scientists, technologists, material experts, physicians and designers, speaking on the subjects of footwear health technology and future footwear materials.

This way SLEM aims to create connections between the footwear industry and other innovative industries and universities. Both sides might not be aware of the business opportunities and research possibilities that they can offer each other. At the SLEMinars they can get to know each other and build a relationship.

Footwear Health Tech Conference
Each conference deals with a different subject; the Footwear Health Tech conference on the 10th of December will focus on innovative technologies that help people live more healthy lives because of the their footwear. For instance, biomechanics professors will talk about combatting arthritis through shoes, orthotics specialists will speak on customization with 3d printing and inventors will show footwear projects for helping people with Parkinson’s or visual handicaps.

Leading companies like Materialise, Delcam and Feetz will demonstrate their exciting technologies in the exhibition space. This is just a small sample of all the lectures the Footwear Health Tech conference has to offer. For a full program please go to footwearhealthtech.

Future Footwear Materials
The Future Footwear Materials conference on the 11th of December will show an exciting range of innovative footwear materials, like smart textiles and synthetics with pre-programmed behavior, wool made from recycled plastics and sustainable performance coatings by Stahl. The exhibition space will feature many more interesting material technologies demonstrations from companies like Recreus, presenting flexible filament for 3D printed shoes and Lightmotif, using micro lasering technology to improve the functions of outsoles. The complete program can be found at the dedicated conference website futurefootwearmaterials.

Tickets for the conferences are available on the websites. Special rates are available for those wanting to attend both conferences.

The fully catered seminars will be held at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, an international hub for high-level scientific and technological research. Eindhoven station and Eindhoven airport are nearby, providing excellent travel connections to the campus.

SLEM is an innovation and education institute for the footwear industry. Its goal is to research and develop meaningful innovation and provide the footwear industry with creative solutions. Jakajima is a matchmaker for innovators, organizing conferences on innovation and innovative technologies.
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Photo: LeChal gps enanbled haptic feedback shoe.