SKUA Studio

SKUA Studio is a starting label that focuses on making handmade sustainable shoes. With the use of classical shoemaking techniques, bold, clear and sleek designs are created, without losing the element of comfort. The shoes have an elegance with a raw edge, due to the use of a unique mix of shapes and colors. The parts of the shoes are created in their own studio. An example of this are the heels. These are designed and cast in homemade molds. In the shoe industry, it is common to order pre-made heels from a manufacturer abroad. For SKUA Studio it is important to keep the entire process in their own hands, this way the form remains original, local and small-scale. As artisan shoemakers, the duo attaches great importance to solid, reliable materials. 

Each pair of shoes is handmade in Utrecht (NL) by the duo Naomi Hille & Anousjka Röben. All their shoes are available in all possible sizes, because they love diversity!

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