Corset Buck

Siying Zou

Part of the MA graduation collection ‘Anima&Animus’, 2021.

Gender is whatever Anima&Animus challenges and subverts the gender binary of traditional typologies of footwear to generate new androgynous aesthetics. Inspired by craftsmanship of traditional footwear and 1960s peacock revolution, deconstructing men’s brogues and reconstructing with specific elements of ‘female’ typology of footwear. Bringing contradictory and unfamiliar sexual feeling to viewers through exploded views of footwear to redefine sexualised gender footwear.

This collection of neutral products encourage people to shake off their straightforward jacket of gender, embrace other genders inside our bodies and challenge the gendered associated material and colour of footwear such as pink silk, brown boxing leather, cobalt blue suede.

© Siying Zou.

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