Shoememory is designed to make the traditional memory game a refreshed experience. The concept focuses on shoe design, it’s history & ethnography. It is based on the memory game system, allowing 1 to 4 people to interact directly. The game contains 2×18 cardboard cards that show the iconic image and name of the shoe type in four languages. There’s lots of information that will enrich your knowledge about shoes.

Throughout the game, all ages can experience the history of the world’s most well-known fashion accessories, their favourite features and functions – including legendary models made by designers and customers as cultist in the 20th century. During the game the designer invites all those who want to associate the well-known memory game experiences with useful and trend-sensitive knowledge, and those who are committed to the traditionally-conscious, form-sensitive and unusual line of footwear. Every package contains a booklet with the instructional description and additional information illustrated by the shoes black and white contour drawings.

Apart from having the appearance of the traditional memory game it is also an educational resource, teaches important and exciting curiosities for all ages of the most important complement to human’s history – and becomes a playful entertainment for every age group. Recommended from age 5, but there is no age limit, it is entertaining for young and elder parents, teachers, students, mentors, coaches as well who are interested in or addicted to shoes.

Signature shoes cards
This game presents 18 signature shoes that became iconic pieces of footwear history in the 20th century. Most of them are still in production nowadays with the same authentic design.

Woman formal shoes cards
This game collects shoe types of woman’s formal footwear. It represents the most beautiful pumps and mary-janes including several outstanding gorgeous models that excite almost every woman’s  fantasy.

Man formal shoes cards
Represents 18 different types of Man Formal shoes. Here you can learn more about the difference of oxford and derby cuts features and brogues such as the attributes of tuxedos or bluchers. Step into the world of Men’ special occasion wears.

The author
Shoe designer Zita Attalai graduated at MOME University of Design of Budapest, Hungary in 1987. Her activity has got a deep addiction to shoes. Beyond industrial shoe design her artistic line is creating shoe sculptures. Her shoe sculptures are presented at various museums all over the world: Deutsches Ledermuseum Schuhmuseum in Offenbach, Germany, Tikanojan Art Museum in Finnland, ELDA Museocalzado Spain, Science Museum Oklahoma, USA and many others.
Being from Hungarian origin Zita cares about the cultural tradition of the so-called ‘Szegedi slippers’ which has been signed up and announced to be on the UNESCO national cultural heritage list in 2018. She launched her modern version of this slipper in 2018.

To contact and to order directly, please send an email to: Shoememory

Boardgame & educational aid
ISBN: 9789631299588
Language info booklet (with phrases on each shoe types): Hungarian – English
Language cards: Hungarian – English – German – Spanish
Size: 9 x 9 x 9 cm
Author and Design: Zita Attalai
Contributor: Rosa Susanna Durao Nhancale
Publisher: Zita Attalai © 2018

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Shoes by Zita Attalai in the Virtual Shoe Museum.