The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy

Part of the Domestic Torture II Collection 2011

Oh, the things I have done to pinch, pull, prick, pierce and poke myself . . . just to be pretty. During the process, I turned several shades of purple.

What is Torture?
I hate high-heeled shoes! I especially hate how we, as women, continue to wear them despite the obvious fact that they are cleverly disguised torture devices. I think most women know what I’m referring to. You know, those high heels you bought because they match that cute outfit. Yes, the ones you can’t stand to wear for more than two hours because they hurt too much.

© May Y. Cheung Hoffman, Photo by DeFalco

Overwhelmed by the realities of first-time motherhood and disillusioned with the corporate world, Jane trades in her Manolos for nappies, nipple shields and the foot spread of a yeti: a lifestyle choice her man-eating girlfriend, Rachel, thinks is taking retro chic just one step too far. Unlike the lovely Liz, who’d give anything to be in Jane’s pram shoes.

Desperate to reconnect with the outside world, Jane finds salvation in her local New Mothers Group, a nonagenarian neighbour, and a royal duo of bloggers dedicated to shoes and behind-the-scenes celebrity gossip.

Meanwhile, her unlucky-in-love best friend, Fi, thinks she’s found THE one – Marco. Should Jane be concerned that Marco is a handsome, intelligent, Italian shoe designer with a passion for teaching his craft to bored housewives? Or that her work-focussed husband is spending increasingly long hours at the office …

A heart-warming and timeless tale of the transition from career-girl to new mum, The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy is a sassy and sparkling debut about one modern woman’s attempts to put her best foot forward.

Publisher Bloomsbury, 9780747594048 [Paperback]

‘A tale of love, friendship and shoes … what more could a girl want?’ Cosmopolitan Australia Books of the Month ‘A fun book if you love shoes and especially good for those who may have traded their stilettos for a pram recently and are in need of a little laughter in their life’

About the Author
Emma Bowd was born in 1968 in Australia. She is the author of A Passion for Shoes and A Passion for Handbags, both of which have been international bestsellers and translated into several languages. She is regularly called upon to talk about shoes, and has had a guest spot on BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour. The Shoe Princess’s Guide to the Galaxy is her first novel. Emma lives in Melbourne with her husband and two young children. She does not believe that you can ever have too many pairs of shoes.