Shoe Fantasies book

The book Shoe Fantasies is the second shoe book published by Amber Ambrose Aurèle and Liza Snook. In the summer of 2023 we curated the exhibition ‘Cipőfantáziák / Shoe Fantasies’ in cooperation with Pécs Gallery, as part of the Prologue of the LOKART Festival in Pécs, Hungary.

This exhibition made you wonder ‘What’s a shoe?’ If we don’t immediately identify the shape of the shoe, is it a shoe? There is conceptual and layered work that makes you look twice, because there is much more happening than a pair of wearable shoes. Does the shoe have to be wearable to be a shoe?

The exhibition presented a remarkable selection of footwear by International and Hungarian artists and designers. Some approach it from the point of view of construction and expression, others from the study of materials and technique. The multifaceted potential of shoes as a creative medium is reflected not only in the shoes themselves, but also in installations, photographs and videos.

All presented shoe objects were gathered in a this book ‘Shoe Fantasies’.
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Soft cover, full colour
Pages: 74
Size: 17 x 24 cm
Language: English
Design: Taco Zwaanswijk
Price: 8,95 euro
Edition: 1.000
Issued: July 2023
Printed in The Netherlands
ISBN: 9789090374000

Photo cover: ‘Talk to me’, 2 by Alet Pilon. Photo by Hein van den Heuvel.