Spaces of Corners 2.

Shanshan Yang

Part of the LCF graduation collection, six pairs casted concrete shoes, 2023.

‘Spaces of Corners’ started from the personal feeling of being in the corner space. When myself staying in a corner, the corner space constructed in my imagination is an imagination triggered by my body consciousness experiencing the existence of the space.

In the terms of the corner space is usually understood as a compact mass of space that exists. Through an investigation into philosophy and psychology, for the group of people who prefer to stay in the corner, the corner space is a natural refuge, a ‘sanctuary’ that provides them with psychological stability. And stability is what makes the corner space so special – seclusion, confinement, security.

In contemporary dialogue, the project deal with a sense of detachment and distance between people and their surrounding environment or space- which lead us create our own ‘corners’. It is for that reason that exploring corner space and aims to built environment in a conceptual way to create six footwear artefacts to give a new psychological experience and a new special understanding to people.

Each object is functional in a different position of interaction with the corner space to give the wearer a different physical and psychological experience of being in the corner.

© Shanshan Yang.

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