Popcorn rain boot

Sebastian Thies

nat-2™ launches innovative semi transparent rain boot made from real corn, 2017.

While the brand nat-2™ is producing wellies made from recycled leather for some years now, they have also developed a brand new mixture of rubber and up to 15% recycled real corn, together with an Italian manufacturer. Only corn which cannot be used for food anymore is used and meant to offer an all new alternative to leather and other traditional ingredients.

nat-2™ develops constantly new techniques and products which combine style, sustainability and innovation. The corn rain boots are not only technically new, but also unique in their practicability. The feel is exceptionally smooth and soothing. Depending on the light incident, the boots look like a second skin and shine in the light. Due to the heat-intensive production a genuine popcorn smell is created by the processing of corn, which finally gives the shoe its uniqueness. And of course, the shoes are 100% waterproof.

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