Sebastian De Line

Sebastian De Line is a freelance shoe designer. De Line is a Vancouverite, conceptual artist, shoe designer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He’s a product of the Rietveld school of thought and art practice.

Since the age of 19 he has been working with shoes as a medium. In 2006, he was invited by Pascale Gatzen to participate in the exhibition ‘If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want be a Part of your Revolution’, together with her and Myrza de Muynck at De Appel and later presented in 2007 at W139.

In 2006, Sebastian De Line became the protege of Dutch shoe designer, Jan Jansen. He designed shoes for Antony Hegarty, Hong Kong pop lyricist Chow Yiu Fai and Joan as Policewoman.

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