Part of the collection ‘Immovable Footwear’, 2015.

The collection seeks to push the boundaries of footwear by introducing a new typology, of immoveable footwear, through the use of the material concrete. In the use of this heavy, unrefined, naturally weathering material, the collection entraps and restricts the wearer’s movements, slowing down the pace of daily life, and thus our experience of time. This physical act of slow movement seeks to influence the psyche into decelerating the processing of imagery that is generated by today’s mass consumer society. In this way, the act of wearing becomes a multi-sensory experience, where tactile qualities are accentuated, and where the experience of the ‘self’ is enhanced. The artefacts connect with, and are specifically crafted, in response to the language of the human body – using my own footprint as subject of the work.

Material: cast concrete, leather, reinforcing steel (rebar) and plywood.

© Sandra Plantos, video by Deborah Sheedy.

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