The Image of the New Epoch

Rustam Adyukov

This sculpture is styled as a conceptual shoe model, 2011.

Functional elements of women’s high-heeled shoe have by their character sacral representation. The heel is the support – God’s mother, the Blessed Virgin. Its contour has similarity with Matryoshka – the symbol of modern touristy perception of Russian culture. The top part of the shoes: church tops, like a fragment depicting spiritual domain, crowned with a coin – a symbol of thingism and moneymaking. The shoe sole is pierced with studs – the symbol of Passion of the Christ. From practical point of view it is an extremely inconvenient element, by which the author emphasises the incongruity of realistic and artistic visions, mundane and imaginative perceptions. Crude oil which covers the sculpture symbolises the modern raw-material economy.

Material: wood, filigree and crude oil.

© Rustam Adyukov

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