Rox, your’e on mute!

Roxanne Lieckens

Leather toe-knob sandals with embroided terry cloth straps and a foam sphere heel, 2022.

Part of the collection ‘Rox, you’re on mute!’, 3 pairs of shoes, 2nd year SASK, d’Academie Beeld Sint-Niklaas in Belgium.

Inspired by working from home due to Covid. Lieckens: ‘When I choose a theme, I usually end up with something from my living environment. This theme represents something that we have all had to deal with, rather involuntarily, to work from home. To visualise this I combined elements that represent domestic objects with one that represents something businesslike. And I used contrasts. Working from home is actually a contradiction in terms, so I combined hard and soft materials, glossy and matte, white and blue. Bathrobe/computer, headphone/comforter, tea cup/tea bag.’

Photo’s Hessel Waalewijn.

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