Hoof Heels Winter

Roxanne Jackson

Part of the collection Beastly Grillz, 2010.

Inspired by both contemporary fashion trends AF Vandevorst and ancient folklore Pan. They suggest that the viewer can easily embody the animal self. Jackson’s precisely molded and glistening glazed forms are both beautiful and grotesque and ask us to consider how animal instincts can live within human nature. And in doing so, she presents an interesting paradox: ‘There is something charming about an animal becoming human but when the human becomes animal, then the effect is disgusting’. These images provoke a psychological simile between animal and human, instinct and reason, the subconscious and the conscious.

Material: ceramic, platinum gold luster, flock, glaze and fur.

Size: 9″x11″x4″.

© Roxanne Jackson

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