Lace boot

Roswitha van Rijn

I design high end fashion shoes. I have my own line, work in collaboration with fashion designers, get hired as a freelance designer and design and make custommade private orders. I combine haute couture fashion with a socially concious ideology. The beauty of my designs is most important to me, but my shoes have a surplus value: by means of themes and used materials I subtly try to draw peoples attention to see the wondrous beauty of all that we have in our time, of what we can preserve if we treat it respectfully. I make a lot myself by hand and I produce as much as possible on a fairtrade basis. This way the trade prevails and I can contribute in my way to society. I mean, what’s better than being able to buy marvellous handmade shoes, knowing that, by your purchase you helped the world a little bit?

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