Bijenkorf collection

Roswitha van Rijn

The new Roswitha van Rijn collection is produced in limited edition and consist of four new models; two platform designs and two boot designs, made exclusively for the Bijenkorf. As is Roswitha van Rijn’s trademark of working from the material, all the shoes are handmade by a small crafts atelier in Italy using only the best materials. The prices range from € 340,- to € 500,-. The exhibition of Van Rijn’s previous work is displayed till September 30th 2007, but her shoes will remain for sale.

Roswitha van Rijn designs haute couture shoes with a twist: high end fashion combined with a socially conscious philosophy: 'The beauty of the designs is most important, but the shoes have a surplus value: the themes and materials that I use are there to draw people’s attention to see the wondrous beauty of all that we have in our time and of what we can preserve if we treat it respectfully.'

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