Rosbalet is a declaration of love for life as an eternal movement. The brand name comes from the abbreviation ‘Ros’ from ‘Russia’ with a direct reference to the brand and its founder Julia Nikulina’s homeland and ‘ballet’ high stage art.

After working in various fields of management and advertising, Julia made a bold decision in 2018, without any special education, to create a shoe brand. But learning and gaining experience directly in the very process of creating shoes from sketches to quality control, and using business skills, Julia quickly brought the brand to the international arena, making it a clearly recognizable Russian brand of shoes.

The brand philosophy is based on a combination of beauty and technical innovation and is based on the tradition of craftsmanship of craftsmen from the very center of Tuscany, who painstakingly implement design ideas. Those who wear Rosbalet shoes have everything to dignify themselves to the public.

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